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The New Haven Eagles Cricket Club (NHECC) was founded in 2005 to
enable its members to play, promote, and watch the venerable game of
cricket—a worldwide sport that is enjoyed by millions of people in
dozens of cultures.

The Club came about when founding members recognized that
thesport’s increasing popularity in the New Haven area called for a
new team to accommodate the many cricket enthusiasts in southern
Connecticut who wanted to join a team and play the game. This is a
trend playing out all across North America.

In addition to playing the game, NHECC seeks to promote a greater
understanding of the game statewide by conducting seminars in local
high schools and universities. It is an international game that values
fair play, good sportsmanship, and teamwork. As the saying goes,
anything else “just isn’t cricket.” This governing spirit cuts across all
classes, cultures, and national boundaries, and instills a deep and
abiding passion for the sport.

As one club member put it, “there would be no passion in this
world if we never had to fight for what we love.” To that end, NHECC is
committed to the diversity of the many different cultures that enjoy
cricket. You may be interested to know that baseball and cricket share
a common ancestor in the game of “rounders,” and can learn more
about cricket here or by contacting us.

The New Haven Eagles Cricket Club is affiliated with the SCtCA, an
association of  cricket clubs in Southern Connecticut organized to play
cricket matches between member clubs.
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Congrats Eagles, We
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on Saturday Oct 2nd
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